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Affordable Pre-College Summer Programs

Help your 10th and 11th graders research free or low-cost academic enrichment opportunities for the summer.

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National Scholarships for College Greenlight Students

Sort through our interactive list of 20+ scholarships for underrepresented students. 

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How to Use College Application Fee Waivers

Review our guide to help students understand fee waivers and consider more college options.

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US Colleges that Meet 100% of Demonstrated Need for Undocumented and DACA Students

Browse our list of schools that offer need-based aid for students who are undocumented or have DACA.

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US Colleges that Meet 100% of Demonstrated Need for US Citizens and Permanent Residents

Explore our list of colleges that provide need-based aid for US citizens and permanent residents.

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5 Ways to Support Your Students as They Apply for Scholarships

Read the 5 best practices for CBO leaders helping students find and apply to college scholarships.

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2021 Fly-In & Diversity Program List

Search through our table to find up-to-date information about fly-in and diversity programs in 2021.

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Nation's Top Colleges Recruit with College Greenlight

College Greenlight is partnered with more than half of the top 100 colleges in the country.